Progressive Electronics


UX / UI / Site Build / Photography

The website is built on WordPress using:

  • Genesis Framework
  • Elementor Pro
  • Custom HTML/CSS
  • Lite on the PHP and js.
  • Cloudflare CDN

Research to code.

Setting the stage

Progressive Electronics is a low-voltage audio-visual and life safety (Fire and security.) design-and-build firm located in the Kansas City, MO area. They solve design problems kind of like me, except they solve for 3D spaces, design for optimal acoustics, and basically save lives with hi-tech alarm systems. I’m saving lives right alongside them by designing and building this website that will serve as social proof for their sales force. 

I am the unsung hero of saving potentially billions of lives. Indirectly.

Things you should know

The original scope of this project included a robust collection of case studies that would back up the PEI sales force. The case studies have been pushed to a second phase and this is the current state of things; about 80% there.

Product images are FPO, the final copy is under review with the client, and responsive massaging is currently underway.

I’m taking this project from conception to completion; research to code.