CrowdFund Mainstreet


Crowdfund Mainstreet is a new player to the streets of investing. Recent changes to investment laws allow unaccredited investors (Middle-class America) to invest in small business. Enter, Crowdfund Mainstreet (CFM). 

CFM is not quite ready for the public, so my team and I set out to identify who their users would be and what they value and need to feel comfortable using the platform.

To give CFM a sense of how their website would look and feel, our team created onboarding flows for both investors and businesses, a campaign template, account portals; all of which will be used as the basis for further site development.


Product Design/Creative Oversight

My hands were in on all aspects of this project from user interviews, testing at various stages of fidelity, wireframing, UI, and style. 

From a creative oversight standpoint, I made sure a consistent style was produced and implemented into layouts. 


CFM’s brand is in its infancy and came to the team in need of polish. I drew on my experience with branding, color theory, and typography, and shared that knowledge with the team in group working sessions. 

From there, we diverged and converged a few times, taking time to work on color palettes and typography, ultimately using a group vote to narrow down to our selections.

Structurally, I set the site up to be built on a 960 column grid using 8px spacing for responsive consistency.

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6
  • Body
  • Medium Bold
  • Medium Text
  • Small Text
  • Quote
  • Legal


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