03 Nov 2016
Jeff Does Design Business Card Design Backer


This design creates a bit of emotional confusion. It’s why I like it. All the elements come together to create something of a juxtaposition in the scene with soft pleasant pastels and hearts floating in space, alongside a falling girl. Why is the girl falling? Is she falling to her demise…

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06 Oct 2016
Business Card Design Mock Ups

OMG I’m Drenched in Symbolism When I was a younger designer I was caught in this rut where I believed everything I touched as a designer needed to be submerged in meaning and encrusted with symbolism. Talk about cruel. It was a punishing realm to work inside of and one I’m glad is…

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03 Oct 2016
I'm an idea man for hire business card

Did you know? I’m wagering you don’t. Business cards likely got their start back in the 17th century. Yeah. That long ago. A time when high etiquette or formalities were all the rage and impressions everything. But I’m not writing this to explain the history of the card, I only…

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