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Just a Kid From the Middle Designing on the West Coast

Jeff Nissen

Product Designer | Art Director

Around 14, I have this memory of staying at my grandparent’s place in rural IA one summer. I visited and stayed with them often and my life to this day is all the more memorable and cherished for those times.

For the most part, I’d say my grandparents would have agreed with me. Except for the time I took the neighbors moped without asking and wrecked it.

Or the time I took the Kitchenaide mixer apart at the kitchen table when no one was home. I was just curious.

I wanted to feel the exhilaration of something more powerful than my own two legs could pedal. I wanted to understand why the mixer worked the way it did.

Gramps was pissed about the moped. He was pretty upset about the mixer, too, but more baffled than anything. Getting it back together, with the exception of that one part that never seemed to do anything anyway, saved my life.

Over the years, more than mixers found their way onto the tables and floors in front of me.

Today, to slake my curiosity, I disect design problems across a lot of boards: product design is what I do now. Graphic design, art direction, and photography, my background, are vetted tools in the belt and influence damn near everything about my product design from research to execution.

I wish grandma and grandpa were still around. I’d love to show them how I’ve tied it all together.

When I’m not taking consumer electronics in to be repaired, I stay active and creative.

I keep my lungs in shape with CrossFit, Olympic lifting, running, and biking. And when I’m not exercising, I like getting out exploring with my sidekick, Charlie the Weimaraner, hoping to photograph some gorgeous landscapes

Playing one of the five or six songs I know on the guitar, or pretending to be a piano composer are activities I do while pretending to be famous.

My most relevant and current work is always at the top of this page. If you’re interested in history, check out my work archives.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’m available for consulting, or the right, full-time fit.


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Jeff is located along the Pacific Coast in Santa Cruz California.